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Soul Cafe Sessions

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What is the Soul Cafe?

The Soul Café is a monthly discussion group held at Holywell Christian Spiritualist Church on the second Saturday of the month. Each month will focus on a different subject; all discussed over light refreshments.

Think Mind, Body, Spirit book club with the book reading being optional. These two hour sessions will allow you to explore different topics, and share knowledge. The sessions are aimed at being inspirational discussions and occasional workshops.

How does it work?

Each sessions the organiser/facilitator will present their knowledge on a particular topic and then open it up to the group for questions and discussion.  You don’t need any knowledge on the subject to attend but we would love to hear about your knowledge and experience of the topic if you do!  The Soul Cafe is all about sharing learning with like minded people!

What topics will be covered?

Everything and anything connected with new age thinking, spirituality,  mind-body-spirit.  The topics will be picked by the attendees.  So if you have something in particular you want to discuss or present come along and put it forward.

Will there be coffee and cake?

Definitely! It wouldn’t be a cafe if there was no coffee and cake.  There will even be a  tea and decaf of available for those who prefer it.  The Soul Cafe’s motto is food for your body, mind and spirit!

Fancy Running a Session?

We are looking forward to welcoming guest presenters and facilitators and will support you in putting together a Soul Cafe Session or workshop.

What should you do next?

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