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Free Your Soul Take Back Your Power - Soul Cafe Sessions

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Free Your Soul Take Back Your Power

Soul Cafe Sessions: Free Your Soul Take Back Your Power“Free Your Soul and Take Back Your Power” is the title of your September Soul Cafe Session and this is just what you are going to learn how to do!

Every day most of  give away our personal power to people and situations that are in the past, present and future.  Every day most of us remain to trapped and chained to negative emotions of the past and anxieties and fears of the future.

Life doesn’t have to be this way, we can free our souls and take back our power using some simple but powerful techniques.   Maybe you have own methods that you can bring along and share with the group.

Join Simon and find out how methods and techniques to free your soul and take back your personal power in this empowering Soul Cafe session.  Learn why taking control of your thoughts and emotions can lead you to a better life.

Find out about the vibration levels of emotions and how it is important it is that you vibrate at Love or Above!  This is essential for those people who want an happier life of wish to use the Law of Attraction to attract the life they desire.

As with all Soul Cafe sessions we are going to share our knowledge and experiences over coffee and cake.

For more about this event click here!


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